Debby, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing family photos you took for us recently. Our whole experience was nothing short of wonderful! It really helped me that you took the time before our shoot to consult about what sort of look we wanted in our photos, what places we might want to choose from for our location, and when to schedule the session to maximize little-kid cooperation! You also knew exactly when to give us some direction and when to hang back and let moments unfold, and we have some really lovely family photos as a result. We had the perfect experience — professional approach and product, but done with heaps of fun! We can’t wait to do another photo session with you someday soon!
— Whalen family, Calgary
You make pictures I want to reach out and embrace. Thank you so much for your work with my family.
— McGinnis family, Calgary
Wow — this is the best photo of me I’ve ever seen. Thanks Debby. You are very, very talented.
— Karen Ball, Calgary
We had an excellent photographer with a keen eye and an amazing ability to bring out the best in us! Truly love your work, and I’m so thrilled with the way they turned out. Nicest photos I’ve ever had taken of myself and babe, hands down. Can’t wait for round two - family photos!
— Moran family, Calgary





My husband and I asked Debby to photograph us with our new puppy and she delivered beautiful portraits of our little family. She has a great eye for composition and detail and she captured exactly what we wanted. Debby was even able to work with our puppy, Francie, who was constantly bouncing around and on the move! We were very happy with the variety and quality of the images, we even had one printed on a large canvas to hang in our home. Looking forward to working with her again.
— Vishu Mahajan Zastre, Calgary
You capture a side of your subjects that sometimes is hidden.
— Wendy Thatcher, Calgary





Debby has done equine photos for me — both at rest and in action — and I am extremely happy with the results. Her artistic eye and her technical skill illustrated my horses the way that I see them. She captured their unique personalities. Debby is great with horses — they like her a lot — and she’s very good with people who don’t like their photos being taken. She made me feel comfortable quickly, so I could be a better subject for her work. Debby has also taken photos at some of the workshops that I’ve held, which is a challenging job, but again, her photos caught the special moments.
— Wind Horse Retreat, Rimby AB
Debby did a photo shoot with my two daughters and my daughter’s horse. She took the most creative, beautiful pictures I have ever seen. The lighting was stunning and she captured both of their personalities perfectly. The most amazing part of the whole experience is that she captured all of these stunning shots in less than one hour!
— Cheryl Crowe, Winnipeg