Is it possible to be embarrassed and proud at the same time?

I've never been one who really likes a lot of direct attention and I HATE being on the other side of the camera. I feel for anyone I photograph who goes through that as well.

Anyway, about a month ago I was shocked and honoured when AARCS contacted me to say they'd like me to be the Featured Volunteer for September 2018. Me? Are you sure about that? There are SO MANY wonderful people who volunteer for AARCS that are deserving of this award. Yet at the same time I felt so humbled and honoured. Me ... they picked me.

I got into this to help animals find homes, not to have a spotlight thrown on me. Yet, here it was. I'd been nominated and chosen. However, this honour also came with a caveat. I had to have another photographer take my picture for the feature. It couldn't have been my dog Allie, it HAD to be me. Ugh ... are you sure about that? I made sure Allie was in the photos though.

I would like to say thank you to AARCS. I am truly grateful. I also want to thank the crazy talented Paul from The Dog With a Bow photography for the wonderful photos he got of my girl Allie and me. Doesn't she look adorable? Go to his website right now and take a look at his work. His talent is amazing and he's a photographer I look up to. His work inspires me to do better in my own. I'm so appreciative to be working alongside other amazing photographers ... all of us with one mission in mind — to help animals find forever homes.

While you're at it, take a look through AARCS' website to see the other wonderful volunteer profiles and learn what AARCS does to help animals. Don't forget to visit the profiles of all the dogs and cats looking for their forever homes. Maybe it's with you. Or maybe you want to volunteer or help in some way. AARCS is an incredible organization run by a network of people with big hearts who want to make a difference through love and kindness.

Volunteering with them fills my heart and is the biggest payoff for me.