The Brady Bunch

These three adorable kittens are looking for forever homes along with their momma Marcia. Things didn't start out easy for them. Marcia had a very difficult delivery and lost a kitten. She wasn't able to nurse her babies so they were taken from her and bottle fed. Consequently all three babies have bonded to humans and love to be snuggled.


Alice is the largest and most playful of the kittens. She's got beautiful blue eyes and white fur with faint beige/grey tabby stripes. You can view her AARCS profile to submit an adoption application.



Carol is the middle kitten and this girl loves nothing more than to get up in around your neck and snuggle and purr. She loves her sisters too and plays with them along with the bigger foster cats she's living with. Visit her AARCS profile to submit an adoption application.


Jan is the runt of the litter. She is a teeny little mite and for that reason she's not quite ready for adoption. She needs to gain a bit more weight so she can have her spay surgery. Once that's done she'll be looking for her new home. Watch the website in the coming weeks if you think Jan would be a purfect fit for your home.

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