It's almost Christmas!

Our family has been gifted with the best Christmas we could have hoped for.  After Ariel died our home just felt so empty without a cat. Even our dog Allie was missing her. So, we decided to adopt a kitten from AARCS. We named him Otto.

On the same day, we went to AARCS Deck the Dog Run and Howliday Photos with our daughter-in-law and grand kids to take a photo with Allie. Our son Chris and Karen had warned the kids that they weren't going to adopt any cats — they were only going for photos with Allie. However, while we were there, the kids and Karen fell in love with a little orphan kitten named Aztec. It didn't take anything to persuade Chris to give this little sweetheart a forever home as well. So as an early Christmas surprise, my husband and I paid for Aztec's adoption fee and like that, she had found her people!

Both of our homes have been blessed with these adorable kitties. They are so much fun, so sweet and loving, and for the first time the kids have a pet. Makenna cried all the way home she was so happy. Allie loves her new kitten/brother, although they're still trying to work out the "I want to play" body language that's so different between dogs and cats. Allie is used to older (senior) cats so she's never seen a kitten bouncing off the walls, climbing the Christmas tree, chasing his tail and jumping two feet into the air and pouncing her from under the couch. But she gives it back to Otto by doing her "let's play" puppy pounce and she shakes her toys at him, trying to impress him with her throttling skills I suppose.

If you have been thinking of bringing an animal into your home over the holidays (it's a great time when most people have some time off to spend with a new pet), AARCS has plenty of dogs and cats looking for loving forever homes. You're bound to find a good match for your family and remember ... adopt, don't shop. If you don't want to adopt long term, consider fostering, donating and/or volunteering. It will fill your heart and will help out so many deserving animals in need.