Hi, I'm Debby.

I'm a self-taught hobby photographer and a full-time Digital Producer living in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I work for a post-secondary school five days a week so that leaves evenings and weekends to do what I love most.

I've come to discover my main passion is photos of horses, pets and people. I still try and shoot landscape but it's not where I shine. You'll notice a lot of my photos are of a certain little fluffy white dog. That's Allie and she is my muse (as long as she knows she's getting treats at the end of all our "practice sessions").

I've recently felt the need to help abandoned, neglected and abused animals. There are so many out there and it just breaks my heart. I am open and happy to volunteer with any animal rescue organizations (in and around the Calgary area) who are in need of photos of animals up for adoption in an effort to help them find their forever home. Please use the contact form below or email me directly at debby.herold@gmail.com

So, that's me in a nutshell. Send me a message if you like my work. I love meeting new people and animals to shoot, and connecting with fellow photographers.

If you're into social media, here are a few places you can find me:

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